How do I honor a Core Beastie?

It is important to honor and be appreciative and grateful for the helpful messages and energetic assistance the Beasties give us. To honor is to love. A traditional Native American way of showing honor is to leave a bit of cornmeal or tobacco at the base of a tree to thank a totem Beastie for its assistance. In a similar way, you might want to perform a ceremony of some kind to honor your Core Beastie. It could be a private thing or something not so private, depending on what appeals to you. Wearing jewelry or adorning yourself with a symbol of your Core Beastie is another way to honor them.

—From "What The Walrus Knows"

You may also wish to honor and appreciate a Beastie in the following ways:


Honor a Beastie

Support a Beastie's cause at World Wildlife Fund


Protect our planet

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet we share with Beasties at Sierra Club 

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