Which side of the coin is for Yin or Yang?

Most translations that refer to the Chinese 3-coin method, such as the Wilhelm/Baynes translation, suggest that the side with an inscription (four Chinese characters on the left, top, right and bottom) is the “face” or “heads” and is Yin, or a value of 2. The side without an inscription (sometimes with squiggles on the left and right) is the “back” or “tails” and is Yang, or a value of 3. 

This is the default intrepretation for simulated coin methods in the app.

Other translations suggest that the coin face is Yang, or a value of 3. For this reason, an option is provided in the Settings app to reverse the interpretation of the coin face. To change the setting,

  • Press the home button to exit the app. 
  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Scroll down and find the item for “Yi Jing” (or “I Ching”).
  • Tap the item, and change the settings option for “Coin face is Yang". 
  • Exit and return to the app.

Make sure to revert the current hexagram and start over, if you already started on one.

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