Hurn's I Ching

The book to turn to for Wisdom and Guidance. By Michael Hurn with Claire Hurn. Published by Eloquent Books.

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Since the mid 1970’s, author Michael Hurn has been studying, using, and introducing the I Ching to others. In this time, he has found that people new to the I Ching find it easy to learn and use; but at first they tend to have a few problems accessing the wisdom contained within the oracle. Therefore, he has written The I Ching to show respect for this ancient oracle while making it simpler for people to access its wisdom.

In this book Michael brings the I Ching into the 21st Century, with perhaps the most fundamental change to its layout in 3,000 years! At last a copy of the I Ching that is not for dummies or for scholars but for those of us in between.

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